One of the most terrifying that can happen in the garden is when your plants get infected from diseases. Sometimes you will know about the cause of disease and take action to prevent it, but sometimes you will be late to identify the cause. So it is very important for every gardener to understand disease prevention which is known as disease triangle. The disease is commonly caused by the three factors such as you have planted the plant which is infected, virus or bacteria which can attack the plans and the environmental conditions can cause different diseases. If you save your plants from the above three things, your plants will not be infected from any type of disease.

Rather than waiting for the disease to spread in your garden, you have to take the actions to prevent them. There are some useful tips which can save your garden from deadly diseases and keep them healthy for a long period of time. Some of the useful tips are discussed below.

Plants examination:

It is very important for everyone to buy the plants after having the proper examination of its physical structure. The main cause of diseases in the garden is introducing new plants in the garden. If the new plant is infected, the disease will spread in the soil and can affect the whole garden. Your minor mistake results in a big loss. So it is necessary for the gardeners to know about the plants and their physical properties. Sometimes the plants look perfect in appearance but they are infected from their roots. A normal person doesn’t identify any problem in them. it is very important to examine the plants carefully before planting them in your garden.

Keep an eye on your bugs:

According to the research, about 75 percent of the plants in the world are infected by different insects. The insect attacks are very common, even their attacks can destroy the whole fields. They can eat fruits, leave, stems and roots of the plants. Even they can spread different types of viruses from plant to plant. The viruses’ attacks become a serious problem for every gardener, a virus can destroy your whole garden within a few days. If you want to keep your garden free from the diseases then you must have to use insect killers in your garden regularly.

Use relevant fertilizer:

You can’t use any type of fertilizer in your garden; you have to use the fertilizer according to the types of your garden. The main thing is to maintain the limit of the fertilizers, excess of fertilization can kill your plants. The fertilizers can reduce the ability of plants to absorbing water, and plants starved for the nutrients. If plants don’t get the necessary nutrients they will become sick and results in death. People think the excess of fertilizers is good for the growth of their plants, fertilizers are the source of good nutrients but the excess of nutrients can affect the plants. As we know excess of anything is dangerous, so use the fertilizers according to the requirement of your plants.