Trees give us a lot of benefits but every year it becomes the cause of harm to people and property. If the situation becomes terrible then it can also become the cause of death. So in order to avoid the damage, our tree must be healthy and if you find out any infected plant then take action immediately. Trees are the greatest alive organism on the earth but if it damaged due to any reason it cannot be healed by themselves as human beings can. Trees required extra care and planting a tree takes time too. Through trees, we get the wind that is known as firmness and if the wind daily blows tree from the east then it makes a tree more strengthen. But, it will not completely protect a tree from wind storms. Winter season can be the reason for tree damage because when the weather strikes it can give the five main harms that include, blow over, failure of the stem, twisted crown, root and branch failure. The thing is you cannot control and manage the weather but you can follow the precaution for damaging the tree. By following simple steps you can keep protected the trees on the property in the worst weather conditions,
Observe stem: when you go to purchase a small plant make sure to check it properly. The fungus is the main reason for tree failure because it weakens the wood when the tree is growing up. If you find out any kind of disease then consult with expert gardener instantly. Trees can only be grown up healthy if it placed in the right hardiness zone. The hardiness zone is where vegetation grows according to the climate’s temperature. If a tree planted in the incorrect hardiness zone then the growth will be poor. So it is important that there is enough space for growth where the plant can easily be grown.

Trim when required: when your tree matures it is important to trim them whenever it is required. Trimming help them to grow a tree even stronger. Cut branches when they have grown bigger than one inch otherwise the tree cannot be able to bear the additional weight. When you are trimming the tree’s top just make sure to not disturb the center part of the tree because if you trim too much from one side then a crown will become uneven and this will weaken the tree. Divided branches are also risky in bad weather because it has to hold up more than one branch and in a result, the wood becomes weaker. The size of a healthy branch must be 45-degree angle so there is enough space left for the other branch growth.

Water trees regularly: Taking care of plants on a regular basis helps them to grow stronger and it reduces the chance of tree damage. The requirement of water depends on its hardiness zone but you must check the symbols of any pests and creepy insects because these can infect trees.