apricot on fruit trees

Fruit trees in your backyard, a rewarding thing for you to enjoy fresh fruits like apples, peaches, avocado, and many more. You can make delicious desserts and create memories with your family that can last a lifetime. But in order to do that, we have gathered some tips and points for your understanding about how to take care of fruit trees. This guide will be enough for you to take safety precautions and to monitor the health of fruit trees.

Know Everything About Caring Your Tree

Several aspects that should be kept in mind while planting and caring for a fruit tree, will help you prevent issues regarding your fruit trees.

  • Fertilizers

The recommended time for fertilizing a new fruit tree is once a year, and it should be done in spring. The amount of fertilizer increases over time when the tree grows older and mature, make sure to water the tree after fertilization for roots to gets nutrients easily.

  • Mulching

Mulching provides nutrients to the soil and keeps fruit trees healthy; mulch should be applied in a donut shape around the tree and it should be 2 to 3 feet away from the trunk. Mulching also provides protection for roots from changing weather.

  • Pest Prevention

Make sure to regularly inspect your fruit trees for pest and weed species, also trim the dead branches from the tree.

Prune Fruit Trees

Intrusive pruning is advised for young trees, make sure to do it annually because it will determine the production of fruits of your trees. Pruning will also regulate the shape of your tree while growing.

A proper practice for pruning a fruit tree is to remove branches that are crossing other branches. Also, trim larger branches and, remove those shoots that grow below the bud’s union.

Thin out the tree by collecting trees, leaving fruits in bulk on a fruit tree will result in improper ripening and will also result in small fruits.

As the tree grows older and mature, pruning is then used for the shape of the tree.

Proper Watering

An important and essential ingredient for trees, make sure to water your plants thoroughly and regularly. For freshly planted trees watering should be done frequently for the first month. The roots of fruit trees spread 3 to 4 feet deep in soil so it is necessary to water the soil that moist depth of soil for roots to gain nutrients properly.

Tips and Warnings

Always do research before planting any fruit tree. Make sure to check your soil, area and, sun exposure in your yard before choosing or planting a fruit tree. You should always consider self-pollination and cross-pollination in mind before choosing a fruit tree.

The day when you plant a fruit tree is the most important day for your tree, proper care should be given to that after plantation until it becomes mature. The Care given to the tree in the early days determines the strength, shape, growth and, lifespan of your fruit tree. Be sure to contact any professional tree care services for detailed specifications according to your needs and wants.