Trees are essential for living things; they provide us the fresh air in return for carbon dioxide. They absorb carbon dioxide and many other dangerous gases from the air. Tree plays an important part in the survival on the earth; they are a source of the rain. They provide us the food, oxygen, shelter, wood, and many other things. So we have to plant more and more trees to get benefits from them.  you can plant trees throughout the year except for the winter season, due to heavy snowfall the small plants can be destroyed. The professional tree planting companies can plant the trees according to their season and the situation of the soil.

Planting trees in the spring season:

The best time to plant the trees in the whole is the spring season, this season gives the trees 100 percent chances to grow. In this season there are moderate rains and the sun is on the low temperature, which is the desired situation, the plants to grow faster. The main advantage is if you plant the tree in spring and there is a lot of time to grow till the winter season. The spring is the best season if you are planting the bare rootstock.

Planting Trees in the fall season:

The latest research shows that the planting trees in the fall are more beneficial.  In this season the trees can produce new leaves without feeding them. They need less water for growth than other seasons. The temperature is low which is good for the roots to grow. The soil temperature is cool down and allows the roots to grow faster.  The trees grow more roots in the fall before producing leaves. The deciduous tree loses its leaves in the fall season.

The role of the Gardener:

The tree planting process is highly deepened on the gardener. The process requires high attention, the proper water needed for the trees to grow. The use of fertilizers is beneficial for healthy growth. The gardener knows about your soil condition and plant trees according to it. He plants trees on that particular location in your garden according to their sunlight and fresh air need. Every tree has its own preference for the amount of water, air sunlight and other things.  It’s up to the gardener to plant a tree which is suitable for your environment and available space.

Steps for Planting

  • Have the complete survey of your garden before planting trees.
  • Choose suitable trees according to your location.
  • Dig the hole, the size of the hole is 2-3 times wider than the root ball.
  • Place the tree on proper depth and height of the hole. And set it in a straight direction, give support if needed.
  • Fill the hole with the soil; make sure there are no air pockets left in the hole.
  • Avoid the use of fertilizers at the time of plantation.
  • Mulch the tree, it is important for holding the moisture and maintain the temperature of the soil.
  • Keep providing the regular follow up of the water and fertilizers for their healthy growth.