Holistic Arts

Holistic Art by Shayna Bracha Farber


What is Holistic Art?

Holistic Art is the process which allows us to connect with our true potential by opening up a clear conduit toward self-awareness and self-realization. This is an important step to regaining our purpose, developing self-esteem and overcoming life’s obstacles to manifest our goals.


What is Harmony FusionWave Awareness™?

Harmony FusionWave Awareness, Training
In this fun-filled, 12-hour program, we ignite our natural resources through playful vocalizations, visualizations, and meditations. The domestication of modern life represses our natural instincts. Here we create a safe place to nourish our soul and liberate our spiritual energy by calling upon ancient teachings from various cultures. Then we play with the vibrations of sound and color to resonate with and recharge the electrical circuits in our bodies. THEN WE PAINT! We emerge in a harmonious state of well-being and connection to our inner child.